SKY DREAM is a construction company of Modern Architectural Design and construction of high standard building projects

Με πάνω απο 25 χρόνια εμπειρίας στην μελέτη και την κατασκευή κτιρίων,

We approach construction with quality and high-level architecture.

Αυτές οι αξίες αποτελούν αναποσπαστο στοιχείο μιας πλήρους εξασφαλισμένης διαδικασίας,σε ξεκάθαρο οικονομικό τοπίο ,ώστε το σπίτι σας να είναι όχι μόνο βραβείο ζωης αλλά και η καλύτερη επένδυση.
Με την εφαρμογή υψηλών τεχνικών γνώσεων και θετικής ενέργειας από τα στελέχη της εταιρείας, δημιουργούνται στην πράξη βέλτιστοι χώροι διαβίωσης και όχι απλές κατοικίες.


The special Architectural Design, the high-quality aesthetics, anti-seismic shielding, ecological consistency and safety are some of the features that make SKY DREAM excel over the others.


SKY DREAM places great emphasis on safety.

What do we mean by the term "security"

Starting from the study stage, the anti-seismicity of all the buildings that are planned and provision for any intervention in the bearing body of each structure.

Insuring the projects and the workers in them is of prime importance and scrupulously observing the safety rules on the construction sites.


Modern technology, new materials and construction methods help us to build earthquake-resistant buildings.

Με γνώμονα αυτά τα σημαντικά χαρακτηριστικά η SKY DREAM  κατασκευάζει κτίρια χρήσιμοποιώντας:

  • The proper foundation
  • The ideal supporting organism (skeleton)
  • Use of certified steel B500 C (iron)
  • Use of robotic seismic fasteners
  • Use of reinforced concrete C30/37 and higher category

This is how it succeeds in building the most odor-resistant buildings possible to offer its customers the greatest sense of security.


For each customer, we create a "quality file" for each construction, whether it is an apartment or a house, it is a valuable file and contains the following:

  • Permits (urban planning, construction, etc.)
  • Contracts
  • Certifications
  • Warranties
  • Impressions of all networks
  • Building maintenance guide

It is the construction, operation and maintenance manual of each building and is the presumption of respect towards the owners for our dear cooperation.



8 Akropoleos Avenue, Office 102,
2006 Strovolos


7000 5052



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